Monday, February 9, 2015

How to Find Your Perfect Perfumes & Fragrances

Find your Perfect Scent

With hundreds of new options available, choosing a fragrance can be overwhelming. Your fashion and beauty preferences lead the way "Like clothing, jewelry, and makeup, scent can speak volumes about a wearer's personality.
The perfume you wear is a personal choice; it's not like the clothes you borrow from your best friend. The fragrance your best friend wears might not work with your particular body chemistry.

Fragrance is a very personal choice. People will remember you for it. They will compliment you on it. They will ask what you're wearing. You'll wear it on first dates or for your wedding. If you arm yourself with proper knowledge, then shopping for the right fragrance won't be such a daunting task.
Types of Fragrances

Fresh - Fragrances categorized as fresh often include "green" notes, like fresh-cut grass, the smell of spring in the air, light citruses and airy notes. If you have an outdoorsy personality, a fragrance with fresh notes might be best for you.

Floral - Probably the most popular of all fragrance categories, floral scents encompass a wide range of blooms, from a single rose petal to a medley of floral bouquets. Floral scents may include notes of jasmine, carnation, gardenia, orange blossom, rose, lily of the valley, tuberose ... you name it. Floral scents can be powdery or sweet, depending on their combinations. If you enjoy the scent of a particular flower, maybe you should try fragrances that include notes of that flower.

Oriental - Just like its name suggests, the Oriental fragrance group is comprised of notes that are rich, bold and overall exotic. Notes like amber and vanilla are oftentimes present in the oriental group. Oriental fragrances lean toward the "heavier" side and are more sensual fragrances, ideal for nighttime wear or romantic occasions.

Woods (or Chypre) - this fragrance group consists of your aromatic wood and moss notes -- sandalwood, cedarwood, oak. Patchouli is sometimes present, as is vetiver and pine. Many masculine fragrances fall into this category, given the richness of woody scents.

Ideas for safe fragrance application

Spray your perfume onto your wrists. Just don’t rub them together  Or, squirt your delicious smelling juice onto the skin under your clothes. (Avoid spraying it onto your actual clothes – fragrance can stain fabrics!) And spritzing your fragrance on your hair does leave a lovely lingering scent, but the alcohol can also dry out your strands so be wary when doing so. 

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