Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Online Shopping Tips & Tricks

Online Shopping Tips for Save Money

The internet is a fabulous shopping tool. You can shop without the pressure from salespeople, compare prices from several retailers, and purchase products your own home.

Shopping online can be quick and convenient, but it can also be pricey. Here am going to tell you some tips to cut costs. Now a day’s Online shopping is more established in UAE. Use this tips and get the best deals when shopping online:

Hunt for Mega Deal:
Always search for sale/discount before making a purchase. Sites like The Dubai Bazaar  have different types of deals for all types of retailers, from small online merchants to large chain stores.

Use Social Media: 
Many Merchants announce their offers or Sale first in their FB page or other social media site. So please ‘like’ your favorite retailers in Face Book.

Join to your favorite retailer email list so you can get all the Deals and Exclusive offers straight to your inbox. The Dubai bazaar is sending an email on every week to our listed customers.
Price Comparison:
Do price comparison to various online sites like The Dubai and retail stores. Then we can easily find out which is best.

Shipping Charges:
Now a day’s many online shops offers free shipping if you are purchase a certain amount.  Use this facility and be aware about all deals and save money.

Return Policy:
Some retailers offer free return. Knowing a retailer’s return policy can help you save money if you’re not completely satisfied with an item.

Be Patient:
If you don’t need an item right away, wait for some time one week or two week and when you see the offer/deal or something jump on it. It will be worth for you!!

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