Thursday, December 25, 2014

How to buy a new Laptop

Yet for many of us, a laptop is one of our most-used possessions. It follows us to the office, to campus, and to the neighborhood café. It tags along on long train rides and weekend getaways. We relax with it on the couch and snuggle up with it in bed. Is it any wonder, then, that buying a new laptop can seem like such a momentous decision?
In this guide, we demystify the many options facing the average laptop-buyer. We can’t make your decision for you, but we can hopefully make it a bit easier.

All laptops are not created equal. Most aim to fill a specific niche, so it’s important to understand what kind of laptop fits your needs before you start shopping. Of course, every kind of laptop represents a tradeoff between price, mobility, computing power, and entertainment potential. You can get started by checking out our  Laptop section, or jump right into the particulars.

 Different types of laptops :-

Sometimes referred to as ultraportable or ultrathin, the lightweight laptop is twice the size of a netbook, yet it still feels light and easy to carry. This category offers a perfect balance of performance and portability, especially for frequent flyers. These models are plenty fast for most types of work and have a mid-size screen that's comfortable to work on.

The everyday laptop has enough muscle to do almost any task, but it’s too heavy and too short on battery life to make a great travel laptop.
Desktop ReplacementIt offers a comfortable keyboard, large hard drive, a huge screen and great system memory. The stereo speakers are loud and rich, plus you’ll find exciting emerging mobile technology such as Intel Wireless Display, which lets you play your laptop’s picture on your big-screen HDTV without wires. With all these features, a desktop replacement is too large for comfortable travel, and battery life is very short.
Business Laptop: This category of laptop doesn’t need to handle the demands of gaming or HD movies, it does need a processor that can juggle all the apps of an office suite. It also should have long battery life to hold its charge during extended stretches on the road.
Entertainment Laptop: They offer beautiful screens and large hard drives so you can easily store your digital entertainment files. Full of features and yet powerful, they’ll help you get things done.

  Laptops remain the most popular device for people who need to get things done anywhere, at any time. We test systems with this in mind, benchmarking not only performance but also display quality and battery life under real-world conditions.
So, hopefully we established a comfort zone that will assist you in selecting a suitable device. Should you require more options, you can always visit our webpage so you can check out our awesome products, once you have made up your mind of course!

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