Friday, May 9, 2014

World Mother's Day 2014: Best Gift Ideas for Every Kind of Mom


Happy Mothers's Day from The Dubai Bazaar

A mother is the most important person for you in the world. She is your best friend, your agony aunt, helping hand trouble times, your cook and a lot more! In short, she is an all-rounder without whom you find life impossible without.11th May is celebrated as Mother’s Day throughout the world. At The Dubai Bazaar, we too are celebrating the occasion by giving you offer you simply cannot resist. 

Here is what we have for you:

Perfumes and Handbags: You can buy scintillating perfumes and handbags for your mother who believes in putting her best foot forward at social outings or evening parties.

Beauty Cosmetics: Buy your mother a nice shade of lipstick or the latest eye-liner that will be a compliment for her. Let your mother use creams and moisturizers to keep her skin healthy and to feel fresh and beautiful .

Home appliances: If your mother looks after your everyday needs, gift her all new toaster or a juicer which has been screaming for a replacement since a long time. After all, isn’t it a good idea to help her so that she doesn’t have to put in much effort to make your breakfast!

Sporting goods: If your mother is a fitness freak, find an array of sportswear, shoes or sporting goods in our shop and surprise her! She will look and feel healthier in the. She can go for brisk walks in the shoe customized to keep her legs fit or maybe the elastic grips to protect her knees from rheumatic pain.

Gadgets: Gift your mother the latest iPad or the latest mobile phone. Let your mother to be tech savvy and use the latest gadgets in the market. She will love them and become an expert in using them to them.

Fashion clothing: If your mother is loves trying out new dresses and making fashion statements, check out our variety of evening gowns and chudidar dresses that we have on offer! We are sure you’ll find something eye-catching and worthy enough to gift her dress that she’ll love wearing all the time.

Beautiful jewellery: If your mother loves jewellery, you can gift her nice pair of gold earrings or a beautifully designed bracelet from our inventory, something which she’ll love! Next time any of her friends or your relatives asks you from where you bought her the now much-talked about necklace, be sure to recommend us!

Flowers : If she has simple tastes, gift her best of fresh flowers that are in stock with us, a simple way of thanking her for the love and sacrifices she made for you. Flowers are a beautiful way of expressing your love to her.
So, what are you waiting for? Come and shop for your mother today! After all, it’s not every day you get to express to your mother what she means to you and the family.

Thank and wish your loving mom a Happy Mother's Day with impressive gifts.

Happy Shopping !!

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