Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Rules to Buy Gold Jewelry Online – Alertness Holds The Key

When it comes to buying jewelry, women want the best. Having a good collection of jewelry is like a lifelong investment. Most of us prefer to buy jewelry from good and reliable stores especially because you are spending a huge amount of money to buy it.

Mentioned below are a few ways how you can buy ornaments from an online jewelry store in Dubai.

 1. Don’t fall into the trap – There are many fraudulent websites operating on the web. So the first thing that you need to do is check the validity of the website. Once you’re sure that the website is legitimate, you can go ahead and buy your stuff.

2. Check for its purity – 24K gold is considered to be the purest of all. However, for making ornaments, the gold is mixed with a few other metals. You need to also check if the jewels have a hallmark certification that marks the genuineness of the ornament.

3. Check out the refunding features – There are many websites which provide you with the option of replacing stuff should you have a problem. However, it needs to be done within a particular time frame and so you need to keep the number of days in mind before you place an order online.

4. Be aware of the transit charges – Most of the online websites demand transit charges so before you place an order, remember to have a brief look at the transit fee or if they are offering free delivery in UAE

5. Inspect the jewel on delivery – Once the jewelry is shipped to your place via third parties, make sure you check that the things are not damaged or affected in any way. If you see any kind of damage, do not accept the delivery. The company is solely responsible for the damage in this case.

6. You can customize your jewelry too – In case you’re revamping or altering the jewel in any way, you need to see the amount of time required for its delivery at your place. Because there may be some jewelers taking more time to customize their products.

7. Buy the right sized ornament especially in the case of rings – Considering that you are buying the stuff online, you need to double check the sizes before you accept the ornament.
Follow the above mentioned tips to buy womens gold jewelry online.

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