Monday, March 24, 2014

Gym Equipment in Dubai – Say Yes to Fitness

Fitness has become a priority for most of us in our fast paced lifestyle. Just like you shop for your clothes, accessories and other things, you need to buy the right gym equipment as well. Also, most of the working mothers do not have time to visit the gym on a daily basis.

What can be better than having your own exercising machine at home? Mentioned below is a set of Gym Equipment in Dubai that you can buy and pave the way towards fitness.

1. Cardio equipment – This includes the elliptical trainer and the treadmill. By cross biking on an elliptical trainer, you are exercising both the upper and lower areas of your body and hence it’s great for toning the complete body. Treadmill on the other hand is one of the best instruments you can have to tone down. This equipment burns fat on the bottom area of your body. Buying cardio equipment and walking on it within the four walls of your house with your favorite music buzzing in the background can be a great fat burning experience. Running and walking on it at a faster pace is the best way to burn calories. Also, you can use the incline option while walking at a normal pace to ensure that the session truly helps you to lose the stubborn fat.

2. Weights – Weights work extremely well to tone your muscles and bring you back in shape. You can use dumbbells to perform exercises such as the chest press, lunges, dead lifts, squats and more. These exercises are meant for the lower body, and they target muscles such as the hamstrings, glutes and others.

3. Kettle bells – Kettle bells require more stability in your muscles as their surface is not even. Therefore, you need to put in extra effort to perform exercises using it. They help you to tone your complete body in an optimum manner. You can use the normal machine weights for performing simple exercises. You can even perform exercises such as lat pulldown, leg extension, leg curls and others. For shaping your back, you can use pulley machines that you will generally find in all of the gyms.

source: dobazaar(dot)com

By purchasing such gym equipment, you can exercise your way to fitness. You can also buy such stuff and set up your own gym at home. Setting up a home gym is both comfortable and enjoyable. You will not feel self-conscious, and you can listen to any music you want. So, when are you setting up one at your place?

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