Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Cool accessories for the iPhone 5S

Are you ready to flaunt your newly acquired iPhone 5, 5S or 5C to the world? Then brace yourself to accentuate the usability and look of your iPhone with the following accessories.

1.Headphones -
Though the iPhone comes with a cool pair of in-ear Earpods, you can take the music to another level by using any of those top notch Bose headphones or any other available in the market.

2.Powerstation - In order to keep your iPhone’s juice flowing at all times, it is essential to keep it connected to a power station. There are many practical solutions available in the market that will keep your iPhone alive and kicking for a long time.

3.A sheath -
There are many options available as far as cases for the iPhone are concerned. Right from cases dipped in vibrant colors to the ones that charge up your devices as well, you will definitely be spoilt for choice.

4.Dock and Car Mount - An effective dock can charge as well as hold your smartphone comfortably while you are not in touch with your iPhone. Apart from the dock that was unveiled with the smartphone itself, many other manufacturers have dared to prepare a dock and car mount for the iPhone that charge the handset as well.

5.A Headset -
Though it’s not a must, if you have to attend calls while driving or you have to receive a lot of calls through the day, it’s best to buy a headset.

6.SLR mount - Avid photographers can get their hands on one of those SLR mounts that will help you capture great clicks by attaching your smartphone to an SLR snapper.

7.Music system and HDTV -
To make your iPhone content appear on a large screen, you can buy an HDTV. In order to reel out music from the iPhone for the entire room to hear, you need to lay your hands on one of those music systems by Bose or any other company.

So what’s your favorite iPhone gear?

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