Thursday, December 19, 2013

9 essentials every man should have in his wardrobe

Men may not be overly concerned about their wardrobe as women, but there are certain things that man must have in his wardrobe. Read on to know more:

1.A pair of leather shoes –
This is a must have for all those working in top notch corporate cultures. Your wardrobe is incomplete without a neat pair of shoes that will get you on your toes in the office.

2.A formal dinner jacket – For attending all those rocking parties and celebrations, you need to own a nice suit with a bow in place.

3.A classy belt – There is a huge array of belts out in the market. Select a dark colored belt that’s not too flashy and has a sophisticated design.

4.An Indian Kurta – Just as guys have to be formal everyday, there are some traditional days and festivities where men look best by sporting an Indian Kurta.

5.A vibrant collection of T-shirts – On those bright summer days or during your casual days in office, you can wear snazzy T-shirts that are not just comfortable but trendy too.

6.A cool watch A watch is a must as far as dressing formally in concerned. And even otherwise,  a nice watch accentuates your hand and so you must definitely wear it.

7.A backpack –
For all those adventurous outings, you will be better off carrying a backpack rather than holding one of those handbags that are generally used by women.

8.A deodorant – Men tend to perspire more than women. You can spoil a beautiful date by your body odor, so a deodorant becomes indispensable.

9.A pair of sunglasses –
It’s always a good idea to sport a great looking pair of sunglasses during the day time. It adds to your overall appearance and looks stylish as well.

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