Thursday, November 21, 2013

Shop Online Safely With These Tips

Online shopping has become quite prominent these days especially with the development of digital marketing. It is during this time that you need to maintain absolute security in all your dealings with online sales websites. 

Here we provide you with some simple tips for a safe online shopping experience.

1. Use a credit card for payment - Using a credit card is advisable as the federal law protects credit card users from fraud. Also it is better if you make a separate online shopping account to avoid excessive clutter in your mail accounts. If the card issuer offers you a virtual card service, you can opt for it as well. Such card providers may also give you a separate access number which you can use while buying things from specific retailers.

2. Check the consumer reviews – Always check for reviews and complaints from buyers as it would give you a fair idea of what to expect from a specific seller. This may evade future problems such as breakage on delivery and so on.

3. Never enter your data on non-encrypted pages – Never enter sensitive data like your date of birth or age on non-encrypted or http pages. Ensure that the pages you are using for transaction have ‘https’ written on their link as it means the page is encrypted. 

4. Go directly to the retailer’s website rather than clicking on links by unknown sources - Often while your transaction is being processed, a dummy link appears that provides you with coupons or offers. It is always better to skip these pages as spammers deploy such tactics to gain your credit card information.

5. Delete all the user history while using a public PC – If you’re using a public PC in a library or in a cyber cafe, make sure you delete all the user history, cookies and most importantly log out from your shopping account.

6. Look for your seller’s physical location – This is important especially when you want to return or exchange a certain thing for which you might need the physical location.

7. Opt for your seller’s privacy policy – Often retailers will ask you if you would like your information to be sold out to third party agents. Ensure that you say no in such a case as any kind of sharing can lead to future problems.

So the next time you head towards buying something online, keep these 7 tips in mind. Happy shopping!    

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